Venta Svs E-Cigarette Vending Machine now available at Priory North London

Venta Svs is now providing Priory North London with our e-cigarette vending machine along with smoking cessation workshops. According to Public Health England’s most recent advice on vaping, e-cigarettes with nicotine are the most popular way smokers choose to quit. In the spirit of least restrictive practices mental health patients should be given the choice on how they choose to quit smoking which should include the use of e-cigarettes. Tobacco dependency within mental health services still remains very high. More needs to be done to tackle this health crisis and hit the government’s target of a smoke free nation by 2030. E-cigarettes are part of the solution along with more efforts on making people aware of the dangers of continued tobacco use. We are excited to be providing the Priory North London with our services and safety tested e-cigarettes. We will work together to drive down tobacco dependency at this service and others nationally.

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