Venta Svs at SCaH 2021

Venta Svs exhibited at this year’s Smoking Cessation and Health Conference.  The Smoking Cessation & Health Conference UK (SCaH) is the dedicated national event for professionals working in smoking cessation and related services in the UK, that focuses on how to reduce the burden of smoking related death and disease for all sections of the population.

We presented two videos at the conference with positive feedback. The first video is titled “the smoking crisis in mental health,” the aim of the video is to highlight tobacco dependency levels within mental health services and how our service can help to reduce those levels and help service users quit. 

The second video is titled “the smoking crisis in mental health.” In this video we took an indepth look at a pilot of our services at Cygnet Beckton and the results of that pilot. The main point of this was to highlight patient choice in using e-cigarettes as a tool to tobacco reduction or a quit attempt. 

Overall both videos highlight the fact that e-cigarettes should be offered to patients in the spirit of least restrictive practice and to provide patients with more choice in how they choose to quit smoking. 

To view both videos in full and to check out the exhibition please click on the button below and register for free to the event and visit our booth. 

A special thank you from Venta Svs to:

Paul Cowans

Harrison Carnegie 

Jennifer Beal 

Tara Boydell 

Damien Bovey 

Cray Allen

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