About Us

About us

Vending Machine Specialists

Established in 2019, we identified a need for a safe and cost-effective alternative to smoking cessation within health and social care environments, including secure services.

The Venta Services vision is based on supporting individuals within health and social care environments with a safe alternative to smoking cessation.

Our service has been coproduced with professionals within the the health and social care sector, including professionals with a secure environment background.

All Venta Services products have been independently evaluated to determine the safety of our devices and their effectiveness.

Our team include a range of Experts by Experience who themselves have lived experience of accessing services and have experience of smoking cessation within the environments in which Venta Services operate.

We firmly believe that people with lived experience are best placed to both shape and drive forward the Venta Services vision.


Our Machines

Different social environments require different solutions, therefore we have a number of machines that we can use depending upon your organisations needs.

The four main types of machines that we use are the Melodia, Snakky, Crane and Evoka although we are capable of providing specific machines should your situation require. We can also offer machines that are either free standing or wall mounted. We have access to a nationwide network of suitable machine suppliers and manufacturers, so we are able to supply and support your organisation across the whole of the UK should it be required.


How it works

Once you express an interest in using our risk free service, we will visit your place of hospital to assess its suitability for a vending machine. Not all situations warrant a vending machine and we wouldn’t want your organisation tied into a long-term contract with ourselves if it showed no real benefit. This site visit is free of charge even if we recommend to you that our service is not suitable.

If we feel that a vending machine would be of benefit to your organisation then we will agree a fixed term contract to supply. Our machine will be delivered fully stocked on a mutually agreed date and you will also be assigned an account manager. 

Our internal software alerts us to any issues well in advance of you noticing a problem. On occasions our machines will update the software themselves over a 4G network, but this is usually late at night and mostly takes less than 30 minutes. Our machines have a very low malfunction rate so rest assured they will be working far more than not.

Each sale is tracked so safeguarding options are available for your service, this can be discussed in greater detail. There are no upfront or ongoing costs. We offer a fully comprehensive service at no cost to your organisation. All you need to provide is space, aa electrical outlet. One of our team members will maintain, repair and stock the vending machine when required. We have a same day to next day response time for any issues and a 24 hour emergency contact line.

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If you would like to have a smoke free environment at your health or social care service, please get in touch today.