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Creating Smoke Free
Healthcare Environments

A safe alternative to smoking cessation within health and social care environments.

FREE Site Assessment

FREE Site Assessment

Safety Approved Products

Safety Approved Products





Machines Cleaned, Stocked & Maintained

Machines Cleaned, Stocked & Maintained

Health & Social Care Vending Solutions

Venta Svs is dedicated to providing a safe and effective way for mental health patients to access high-quality disposable electronic cigarettes within mental health hospitals.

Our disposable electronic cigarettes have been rigorously safety tested to ensure they meet the highest quality standards.

We understand that safety is a top priority in mental health environments, which is why we only offer products that are compliant with all applicable regulations and have undergone independent safety testing.

Our Service - You Pay No Fees

Venta allows you to offer your service users a complete vending machine service at no additional cost to your organisation.

Our vending machines use fully independently tested, recyclable TPD compliant disposable e-cigarette devices. The device is small, compact and available in a variety of flavours.

Sustainable Vaping

Our Products

Our product is a pre-filled nicotine salt disposable vape device, featuring a draw-activated firing mechanism with 2% salt nicotine and 0%. This type of e-cig is so small and convenient that you can easily take it everywhere. Requiring no filling, charging, or maintenance, our vape brings you rich flavours and denser clouds.

TBO Crystal 2mg

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Frequently Asked Questions

We cover the whole of the UK except NI. We are able to supply e-cigarette vending machines across the whole of mainland UK and in some circumstances into the EU.

All mental healthcare services and most other types of healthcare providers can benefit from our e-cig vending machines.

There is no cost to the service for us to supply a fully stocked and monitored e-cigarette vending machine.

We take care of everything from the outset, including installation, stocking, cleaning and breakdown/maintenance.

All of our machines are programmed to accept coins, notes and contactless payments. We are also able to provide Google Pay and Apple Pay should you require.

All of our machines are programmed to accept coins, notes and contactless payments. We are also able to provide Google Pay and Apple Pay should you require.

Most of the time we are aware of a machine disruption prior to being notified. We always endeavour to despatch an engineer to facilitate a repair within 48hrs.

Our own brand e-cigarette device is currently what we supply. It is a disposable e-cig which comes in thirteen flavours, one of which is a zero % tobacco flavour. All of our devices have a puff count of 350 – 400.

The device we supply is the permissible 2% nicotine strength and we also supply a 0% nicotine strength in tobacco. We are also soon going to be launching a brand new e-cig which will be available in 2%, 1% and 0%. This is to give patients a clear smoking cessation pathway.

Not only is our device subject to the same tests as all other TPD related devices. Our e-cig also undergoes additional testing on ingestion so it can be safely used within mental health environments.

All services who take one of our free of charge vending machines are entitled to one smoking cessation workshop for patients and staff per quarter.

All of our team are NCSCT certified and our machine engineers are all DBS checked.

This depends upon location, in most scenarios we can get a fully stocked machine up and running within four weeks.

Want a Smoke Free Environment?

Contact our friendly team to discuss your vending requirements.

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